Sedimentary rocks are those which result from deposition of minerals in prehistoric times by water or wind.  They are familiar to many people as sandstone, shale, or limestone, for example.
   Much of Arizona's great scenery results from sedimentary rock formations.  Great deserts during the Triassic Period, for example, have left us towering cliffs and mesas in the northern part of the state -- the lines of the ancient dunes are still visible on rock faces.
   Roosevelt Dam in the Salt River Canyon east of Phoenix is constructed from blocks of limestone, which was deposited in a vast ocean during Precambrian time.
   There are many illustrations (for example) of these kinds of rocks visible on the website:
   - the Red Rocks of Sedona
   - the west end of Camelback Mountain
   - the sandstone & conglomerate at Papago Park


Sedimentary rock formations on the Colorado Plateau.


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