Here are some unsolicited comments*
from the past few years........ 

     "Received, gorgeous.  I will let you know ASAP the reaction.  Thanks .... and Thanks for the discount."
     - Mr. S.W., Spokane, Washington, May 2005

     "Wanted to let you know the ring arrived today.  It really is striking and I can't wait to wear it...."
     - Ms. L. K., Kent, Washington, March 2005

     "Thank you Richard -- it is perfect!."
     - Ms. S. O., Paradise Valley, Arizona, December 2004

     "They're absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for the special....rate (smiley face here)."
     - Ms. P. S., Palo Alto, California, November 2004

     "Thanks for the beautiful rings, Richard!"
     - Mr. A. B., Palo Alto, California, November 2004

     "I am extremely pleased, so if I have any more jewelry needs, I'll certainly be in touch.  Thanks again."
     - Ms. E. G., Phoenix, Arizona, September 2004

     "I have my ring -- it looks wonderful.  Thanks so much!"
     - Ms. M.D., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 2004

     "It went over beautifully & she fell in love with the ring .... thank you so much!  It went great!"
     - Mr. Z.A., Gig Harbor, Washington, July 2004

     "I got it, it's fantastic, it's gorgeous!  Thank you so much!  It looks really, really beautiful!"
     - Mr. D.T., New York City, New York, December 2003

     "Thanks to one and all who made my ring.  You brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.  Thank you."
     - Ms. S.H., Rio Verde, Arizona, October 2003

     "Thank you again for the outstanding job you did on my ring - I can't stop admiring it!!!  I absolutely love it....."
     Ms. J.B., Phoenix, Arizona, July 2003

     "Just to let you know M. LOVED the peridot necklace!!  THX!"
     Mr. R.O., Mesa, Arizona, May 2003

     "The yogo [sapphire] was just delivered.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I love it, and you for getting it for me.  I have wanted one for many years, but never made the decision to go for it.  Thank you, thank you.  I appreciate your .... awesome discount. 
I am soooo happy!!!"
     Ms. L.B., Great Falls, Montana, May 2003

     "The piece arrived and it is absolutely beautiful!  We really love it!  I'm sure it means at least one or two new outfits to go with it!  Thanks so much, Richard - you're great!"
     Mr. & Ms. J.K., Kent, Washington, May 2003

     "I gave M. her ring this morning and she loved it.  It was a big hit!  We did good!   Thank you so much for all your effort and help.  I really appreciate it and so does M."
     Mr. L.S., Scottsdale, Arizona, February 2003

     "'s absolutely beautiful!   You did a wonderful job, and I love it.  Thank you so much for getting it to me as quickly as you did."
     Ms. C.L., Ypsilanti, Michigan, February 2003

     "Thank you!  It's just beautiful.  I love how the ruby makes a red shadow on the diamonds."
     Ms. R.N., Seattle, Washington, August 2001

     "Thank you so very much for making the rings.  They are beautiful and perfect."
     Ms. K.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 2000

     "S. described the stones as "Dazzling" so I guess that means A-OK.  Thanks again."
     Mr. S.W., Spokane, Washington, April 2000

     "Picked up "the package" today.   It's beautiful, simple, and very elegant -- thanks so much."
     Ms. H.F., Anchorage, Alaska, March 2000

     "My daughter absolutely loved the setting I picked out for her.  The fit was perfect, too."
     Mr. L.P., Phoenix, Arizona, February 2000

     "... thanks again for my new looking ring, already received a couple of nice comments, thanks Richard!"
     Ms. N.K., Scottsdale, Arizona, June 1999

     "Richard -- the bracelets are great!  Thanks so much ... "
     Ms. E.K., Phoenix, Arizona, April 1999

     "... thank you so much for creating the most lovely ring for me -- I just love it -- Thank you."
     Ms. S.O., Paradise Valley, Arizona, July 1998

     "… thanks again for the incredible work on the ring. You truly do bring dreams to life."
     – Mr. T.G., Phoenix, Arizona, March 1997

     "Mom really liked the ring and so did everyone else who saw it."
     – Ms. D.G., Tucson, Arizona, January 1997

     "It was a MAJOR HIT! I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful work and the extremely reasonable price. If you ever need a referral or an endorsement, I’m more than willing to give you one."
     – Mr. L.S., Kent, Washington, November 1996

     "… thank you once again. My ring looks great … Your customer focus is to be commended!"
     – Ms. S.M., Phoenix, Arizona, October 1996

     "It is WONDERFUL! Simple & elegant, I love it, thanks."
     – Ms. A.M., Conyers, Georgia, July 1993

     "I was very impressed at the … value! … my wife …. is very impressed with her new ring.  We’ll continue to spread the word about your nice gemstones, etc. Thanks again."
     – Mr. B.T., Bellevue, Washington, February 1992

     "… how pleased I am with my ring. It is truly outstanding and will bring me many years of enjoyment. I’ve already received many compliments. Thanks again. P.S. I’ll be back!"
     – Ms. S.B., Arlington, Washington, April 1991

     * these comments are taken from written letters, e-mails, and telephone messages, and if you would like to see more, we have them on file!.


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