GemLand's Company Policy
and Return Policy
are outlined below.

If you have any questions,
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     Any and all information you share with us stays with us!  We do not give any of your information to anyone else, period.

for Jewelry and Gemstone purchases:

     If, for any reason, you are not pleased with your GemLand® purchase, you may return it, in it's original condition, within fourteen (14) days of your receipt of it, and you will be credited with the original purchase price.
     THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CUSTOM-MADE PIECES, OR SPECIAL ORDER GEMSTONES.  We will work with you in advance to make certain that your special creation in every way complies with your wishes.  If you are still not pleased, you may return the piece for credit against future purchases.
     You agree to cover the cost of shipping the item(s) back to us, and they must be fully insured.

     All purchases must be in US Dollars.  We usually ship via US Mail, Registered and Insured.  Such shipping usually takes about 5-7 days.  Shipping charges will be stated at time of ordering.
     For your security, and ours, and until we convert our website to handle electronic transactions, all purchases by Credit Card will be accepted by phone only.

for Rocks & Ruins™ and Sky Jewels™ sessions:

     Set Up Requirements (for stargazing sessions):

     In order to have the best viewing experience, the set-up spot should be in an area as dark as possible, with little or no obstruction of the sky in any direction.
     If we cannot drive to the spot, then we need to have a way to have the equipment (telescope in footlocker, several suitcase-type bags, and a tripod) gently hauled to the spot.  If it's only a few hundred feet or less, we can hand-carry it all.


     Are as per our agreement for the particular session at hand.
     There is no charge for set-up time.

     Deposit and Cancellation Policies:

     We ask for half of the projected fee as a deposit in advance, in order to hold the date for you.  You can have up to 2 weeks before the date-in-mind to cancel and receive a refund of your deposit.
     If you choose to cancel after the two week deadline, we will have to keep your deposit, as by then we may have forfeited the chance to do a session for someone else on that night, and this at least partially covers that loss.
     It is always possible that cloud conditions will not be good for viewing the sky.  Some cloud cover is allowable, but if it looks like stargazing would be impossible, and if we choose to cancel, we will refund your deposit.
     We usually never know until an hour or two before the event, however, and we have seen it clear up marvelously at the last minute, so we reserve the right to cancel until just before the event.
     In the case of predicted bad weather, if you want us to come out to the site and set up anyway, then we would still charge for the session.  Some groups have preferred this, just in case the clouds part, so that people still have a chance for some entertainment.

Please call us at
e-mail us at
if you have any questions.


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