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Tour the Valley of the Sun and its GeoScenery.
Take a virtual tour of the Superstition Mountains, near Phoenix, Apache Junction, and Gold Canyon, Arizona.
Take a virtual tour of Sedona, Flagstaff, Jerome, and the Verde Valley areas, in Arizona.


About GemLand -- Arizona Geology Tours, Sky Jewels Stargazing, Gemological Services.
Gemological Services, Gemstones, Arizona Peridot, Four Peaks Amethyst, Navajo Garnets, Turquoise, Diamonds, Jewelry from Gemland.
Rock Gardens, Rock Art, Petroglyphs, and Rock Sculpture in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, Arizona.
Geological History of The Valley of the Sun and the Superstition Mountains, Arizona.
GeoStories includes geologically, archaeologically, and astronomically inspired articles and stories by Richard Allen, and other recommended reading about the Valley of the Sun and other places in the American West.
Arizona Geology and Geology Tours by GemLand, formerly Gem-Land Adventures.
GemLand presents a variety of things pertaining to rocks -- gemological, geological, and astronomical. Movies, hikes, oddities, links to other sites, and more.
Arizona Astronomy, Arizona Stargazing, Telescopes, Sky Jewels (tm) Stargazing by GemLand.


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GemLand -- Phoenix tours, Scottsdale, Arizona geology, gemological services, Four Peaks Amethyst, Arizona Peridot, Sky Jewels (R), Arizona stargazing, Navajo jewelry.

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   View over 130 different scenes of the landscape and exotic rock formations of Phoenix and Scottsdale, the Superstition Mountains, and farther to the north, the Sedona area and the Colorado Plateau.

Arizona, and the locations of Sedona, Valley of the Sun, and the Superstition Mountains Virtual Tour Maps.

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Why "GemLand"?
Well, Arizona is America's leading gem mining state, and we got our start in the gemstone business.
But now, we offer much more, too!  You could say "gems in the sky", "gems of places", even "gems of wisdom" -- you decide.
Whatever the case, there is something inside GemLand for you.
Gemstones are rocks, and rocks
are our love and our specialty.  There are over 300 pages on our website for you to explore.

Pillars of volcanic rock frame the setting sun along a trail in the Superstition Mtns, near Gold Canyon, Arizona.

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GemLand brings you fine jewelry featuring Arizona's Four Peaks Amethyst, as well as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more! 
   In addition to our nature programs, we feature natural, American,
colored gemstones, including Arizona Peridot, Four Peaks Amethyst,
Arizona Garnets, and Turquoise from the Southwest.
   At left is a piece of Arizona's own Four Peaks Amethyst
   Read about it in our new Superstition Mountains section!


Experience Arizona's glittering night skies
in one of our popular Sky Jewels (tm) 
stargazing sessions!   
We cater to resort programs, group     
events, and even private parties.    
Or venture with us into the Sonoran Desert   
sunset, with telescope and star charts, and  
discover unforgettable celestial beauty!

Our lovely Moon. GemLand (R) offers Sky Jewels (R) stargazing -- Arizona astronomy and Arizona Stargazing -- Stellar Adventures for all!


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